the instructors

Top of the line well trained instructors that relate to realistic civilian use of firearms for self defense.

Hudi Schiffer

After years of shooting as a hobby, Hudi came to a realization that the type of “static” range shooting was nothing compared to real world situations. That epiphany started him (and his brother Moti) to go from academy to academy searching for the best and most realistic tactical training that they could find. He caught the training “bug” and was on his way to learn as much as he could from as many respected law enforcement and military firearm instructors that he could find. He soon found his way to becoming a NRA firearm instructor in multiple principles (pistol, rifle, shotgun, etc) as well as defensive tactics. After teaching hundreds of students in all different courses he was invited to become a Training Counselor in order to teach skilled firearm owners how to become licensed instructors. As the owner of an armed security guard company, Hudi focused his training, and the guards that worked for him, on active shooter scenarios and developed his skills further to become a Law Enforcement Firearms instructor with an addition certification in Active Shooter Instructor for LE and Security. Hudi is an active volunteer firefighter, TacMed and first responder. Hudi has developed specific course curriculums based on training from some of the best firearm academies in the US and continues to advance his training every day. At least three times a year he goes away for weekly trainings in order to further develop his own skills and his lesson plans so that he can bring those new skills back to his students.

Moti Schiffer

An older brother to our lead instructor, Moti was “responsible” for bringing Hudi into the world of Firearms. He applied for his pistol permit at age 21 and has been a devout and dedicated shooter ever since. Similar in story, the realization that shooting requires more than just standing still pointing at a piece of paper was something he needed to expand on. That realization led to going for training at various academies and taking that information and practicing it over and over again. A contractor by trade, Moti has an ability to break apart what he is teaching and describe it in the minutest details. Moti is a believer that perfect practice is what makes it perfect and that repetition is the key to doing something right. A staunch believer in muzzle management and trigger finger discipline, as they are the top of his list in any course he gives. If patrol rifle (AR) is your thing, then Moti can take your training to an entirely new level. As the co-owner of an armed security guard company, Moti has also trained as a firearms instructor and an Active Shooter Instructor for LE and Security and primarily teaches tactical training and scenarios to armed guards looking to advance their skills.

David Taller

Creator of some of the most challenging tactical drills you can imagine. Dave has been shooting his whole life and is a regular IDPA, IPSC and 3-Gun competitor. As our resident “armorer”, Dave has the skill to break down almost any firearm and repair, maintain and reassemble it flawlessly. This helps tremendously when dealing with occasional firearm malfunctions as well as explaining the inner workings of how a firearm functions to the novice shooter. As a certified NRA pistol and rifle instructor, Dave regularly assists in many tactical training classes that focus on security for active shooter and home defense. With his creative range layouts and tactical shoot/no shoot scenarios, Dave takes the monotony out of static range shooting and brings it to the next level of real world dynamic training. Dave has a great rapport with different training academies and is usually the go-between with our company in order to further our own tactical training. Dave is a certified Range Safety Officer and qualified in Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

Howie Kafka

Howie had the upper hand that most of us did not. He had learned from the first day he picked up a firearm how to properly use it. Unlike many of us that were required to “re-train” the way we thought, Howie went straight into the world of tactical and dynamic firearm training. A NRA instructor, Howie has been to professional training academies from the beginning and shoots with the team on a regular weekly basis having creative ideas as to how to train. Howie is a man with multiple hats. As a volunteer Armed Guard, He works regularly with other guards to bring up their knowledge and training. He is also a very skilled paramedic and is the co founder of a nonprofit organization servicing chronically and terminally ill children. All that and he still makes time to meet up for a stogie.

Izzy Fried

Israel "Izzy" Fried began his training when he volunteered in the Israeli Army at the age of 17. There he began his basic training in exchange for service under the "Watchers Of Israel" program. Upon returning to the US he began a career in public service as a lawyer and prosecutor and continued his shooting and firearm training. Izzy trained with the FBI and Marine Jag Corps and was accepted as a Special Agent in the Bureau. Izzy, now a firearms instructor, trains regularly along with the company at various academies around the country. He and his K9 pal Scout are proud members of a volunteer armed security guard company.

Aaron Worch

A Law Enforcement and NRA instructor, Aaron and his very calm voice and patient demeanor is one of the best instructors for beginners. He can make a student fully understand the nomenclature and workings of a firearm before even picking one up. He has the ability of making a new firearm owner feel extremely comfortable within a short amount of time. Aaron seems to give you all the time in the world explaining in depth everything you need to know all while intently focusing on safety as a top priority. Aaron has taken courses in numerous training academies and travels yearly to law enforcement instructor training schools to further his knowledge and skills. In addition to his tactical pistol training, his skills as a long range rifle instructor add a great depth to our team.

Justin Wertman

One of our newer Instructors, Justin joins us with an extensive background in private security, which he draws upon and incorporates when teaching firearms tactics. Justin was instrumental in forming a 40-50 member security team and remains actively engaged in the team's leadership and ongoing training. He is also sought out to consult for, and help train, other security teams in his community. He is an NRA certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer, an active Armed Guard, and certified in Basic Life Support by the American Heart Association, and he has multiple Stop the Bleed accreditations from the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Justin has also presented Situational Awareness seminars for both adults and teens. He regularly trains with the other company Instructors.