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Meet our top of the line well trained instructors that relate to realistic civilian use of firearms for self defense.

Meet the team

EDC Training is a fantastic firearm training company who not only assists men, but women too. Hudi trains well, concise, and is super fun to work with. If anyone needs to learn about any firearms, they are best place to do this!

-Lisa L

The training was overall fantastic and I really enjoyed it. Instructors were engaging, safe and even entertaining. Better understanding of tactics using cover. Really allowed me to focus on strengths.

-Moti L

Exceptionally well prepared presenter and assistant. I have a better understanding of how to use a Pistol in a real life tactical situation. They are true professionals with a great deal of experience.

-Yotav E

It was an amazing opportunity to learn about tactical pistol skills and the skills gained were excellent. I hope to take additional classes

-Michael B

I thought it was perfect. The course was long enough to keep your attention, the targets that you used and methods that you taught us we can practice on our own

-Zack P

Absolutely awesome training. Patient and so knowledgeable. Thank you!!!

-Donna S

Highest recommendations for EDC Fire Arms training systems...Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Just took an NRA course with Hudi and his team. The knowledge base & skills that were taught surpassed anything that I expected.

- Raanan Z