EDC Training

Who We Are

Hudi Schiffer, a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and Certified NRA Training Counselor, founded Every Day Carry Training. We offer entry-level and instructor certifications for all firearm training.

With over 30 years of shooting experience and over 15 as firearm instructors, we offer complete courses such as –

  • NY Concealed Carry & Personal Protection In and Outside the Home
  • Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Safety Courses
  • Home Firearms Safety
  • Range Safety Officer Course

Courses are given on Long Island, NY, in groups and one-on-one courses upon request. Feel free to connect with us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Our Business

Courses are given in various ranges on Long Island. Depending on the type of course and availability.

For Handgun classes, YES. In New York, you are required to have a firearm permit in order to handle a firearm. You are not required to have any permit for any rifle or shotgun classes. That also applies to any safety or range officer courses.

Yes. Most of our courses cater to Armed Professionals. All of our courses focus on safety and tactics. We don’t give courses “behind the points.” We live in a Dynamic world and should train accordingly. We also offer courses for Security Guard and Active Shooter.

Course length varies according to the type of course that is being given. An NRA Basic Pistol Course can be 5 hours long, while an Advanced Tactical Course can be three days.

Yes, absolutely. I do give private classes, but always recommend taking classes with someone. In almost every course, I like to do some drill that adds a little competition to the mix and makes the class more enjoyable.  I am a Women on Target and Women’s Intro to Firearms Instructor. Having a “Date Night” course at the range is always a great bonding experience.

Aside from your EDC (Every Day Carry), every class requires different equipment. Before each course, a detailed list of requirements will be emailed out to all class members.

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